Arrowhead Squash Blossom Necklaces

In Native American culture, there are many symbols and patterns that have been used for centuries to convey meaning and tell the stories of the Native people. It wasn’t too long ago that Native Americans had no means to express their language through written text. That’s why, beginning centuries ago, they used these symbols to pass down their stories and communicate with other tribes.

Similarly, the Native American art of squash blossom necklaces can be traced back to the Spanish landing in Northern America and trading with the Native population. This design was quickly adapted and changed to fit the Native culture.

One way in which the Native people have changed the design of squash blossom necklaces is by incorporating these symbols into their jewelry. One of the oldest, and probably most important, symbols of Native culture is the arrowhead. This symbol was a literal translation of the tool that Native tribes used most often. For them, the bow and arrow was more than just a weapon, it was a way of life, a way in which to hunt and catch food for their families. It’s no wonder the arrowhead symbol holds significant meaning in Native American culture.archery-847895_960_720

The symbol itself can be translated as alertness and direction. Just like the actual weapon, this tool requires focus and aim. Only disciplined archers can master such a weapon and the use of the symbol appears throughout Native American history, in art, stories, and jewelry.

Arrowhead squash blossom necklaces are particularly breathtaking and intended to embody this special meaning and history of the Native American peoples. Artists will change the traditional shapes of Squash blossom necklaces and transform them into arrowhead shapes. In this way, people can channel the spirit of the Native warrior on the hunt and be granted the favorable traits of focus, direction, and leadership.

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